A water softener system from San Marcos water softener company is all you need to put a prevent a nay hard water issues, you may be experience in San Marcos, Texas, if you are frustrated of limescale making your plumbing ineffectual, clothes feeling brittle and stiff after every wash, or flatware and dishes that are constantly filmy and spotted, our systems can support. Made by a boss in the worldwide residential water treatment industry, our water softener systems use a process called as ion exchange to change the magnesium and calcium ions that cause hard water and change them with potassium and sodium ions. These potassium and sodium ions have an equal effect to the hard-water cause bicarbonate ions, but do not cause any kind of hard buildup. As an outcome, your water will be chemically softer almost quickly and much more helpful in your daily life.

Shortly after our professional technicians install a water softener in your San Marcos, Texas, home, you will start to see results, and you can expect to those advantages continue for many years to come. That is because all of our water softeners are:

  •  Certified and Tested by the Water Quality Association and other trustworthy independent groups to confirm that they will job as advertised.
  • Portable, so that can be uninstalled and taken with if you want

Whether your business or home is in need of an advance water system or installation of a latest water filtration unit, the filtration and water softeners experts at San Marcos, Texas can support you. Our team is knowledgeable about the modern advancement in water treatment technology and can provide our expertise to help you find a best product that meet your exact needs.

What to do if your softener is not working perfect
If you discover that your softening system is not working perfect, you can check your setting on the softener control panel. Maybe your settings are very low for your hardness stage. See if you have enough softening ingredients like potassium or sodium. Check the energy source to the machine and see if the water flow between the hose of the water softener and your central household pipe is not interrupted.

If issues persist after making some adjustments, it might be a best idea to have a plumber to check it out. You can also have someone at a San Marcos Water Softener Company inspect your system. You might need some repairs on your current softening system or make some corrections with the brine injection system.