The municipal drinking water system is contaminated and polluted with hundreds of toxic and dangerous substances; the issue of unsafe, impure, and contaminated water is rising at an alarming rate. Globally more than one billion people lack access to pure drinking water.
Unsafe and impure drinking water
The factor for this alarming development is that the United States has a booming population that demands pure water – but pollutes the atmosphere at a constantly increasing rate. We produce more serious contaminants and microorganisms that resist our cleaning efforts, at the equal time, have more people with weak immune systems susceptible to these containments.
Chemicals Added to the water supply
Chlorine, a chemical included by the municipal water system to disinfect and clean the water, is known to cause danger health problems. When chlorine reacts with natural material general in water (such as algae or humus) Trihalomethanes are formed. Studies have presented that THMs are directly connected to an increased possibility of developing various cancers, causing miscarriages and birth defects.
Which Water Filter system provides the pure drinking water?
The most perfect way to get rid of contaminants from municipally treated water is the combination of KDF & GAC process multimedia filer as featured in the SimplyPure System.
KDF process media are high-purity, granulated zinc and copper-based alloys that treat water via a process based upon the idea of Redox. KDF media have a special combination of zinc and copper which make an electrochemical reaction. During this process, serious contaminants are changed into harmless components (for example, chlorine is replaced into benign, which is then carried safely through the water supply. In this way bacteria chloramines, hydrogen sulfide, iron, algae, mold, fungi, mercury, micro organisms and scale are removed as well. Similarly, some big metals such as lead, copper, mercury and others react to plate out onto the medium surface, thus being successfully removed from the water supply. A Complete Water Purification System is necessary to be installed.

GAC is a charcoal cleansing media which is treated with oxygen to open up millions of small pores between the carbon atoms.  Triggered Carbon adsorbs, which means to attached by chemicals, attraction and impurities. The big surface area of triggered charcoal provides it countless binding sites. When chemical move next to the carbon surface, they link to the surface and are trapped.
Many high-purity drinking system strip the water or backwash from healthy minerals and put contained water back into the atmosphere.